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Here we will take you into the details of our thoroughly reviewed and structured training course for various levels.

We cater to kids with strong safety gear and low-rise bikes on a safer simulated riding field. We also have separate tracks for beginners, intermediate riders, and professionals looking to upscale their skills to perfection and to participate in competitions and championships.

We believe that wheels are for everyone and have thus, developed training courses that are adaptable and cater to all age groups and experience levels. And there is a separate trainer for each course to ensure that you get full attention and in-depth training, leaving out absolutely nothing.

Some of the courses are extensive, over a month-long, some are crash courses. These courses do not only focus on refining the riding techniques but also provide physical fitness regimes to boost stamina and mental resolve to push their boundaries. And if you are a biker at heart, we also teach about the bike’s features and its functions.

Other than courses we also cater to the audience only looking to have one day of off-road excitement. Thus, we have programs that will give you a few hours of ride training and allow you to squeeze all that the desert has to offer in a day or two.

Now that you have a detailed view of our training course, you must understand our commitment to your safety. Yes, we are all about the thrill, but thrill at the expense of your safety is not in our books.

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