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Our trail rides are not all about the adrenaline rush; sometimes it is a way to enjoy nature in peace with the wind in your face.

With quad or dirt bikes, our packages will allow you to closely touch the raw nature and the best part is that our packages are purposely developed to be inclusive for everyone with variable capabilities depending on where you stand.

Your trail ride training and track will be selected accordingly. Before we design a program for you, you need to know exactly where you stand in terms of skill.

A beginner is someone who has never ridden a bike or has very limited knowledge of off-road motorbikes. An intermediate is a person with a general know-how of trail riding but is not a regular and hasn’t ridden a bike for a long time. An expert is a competent and frequent biker who has superior physical fitness and experience on more than one type of track.

Based on your level, we offer:

  • Access to qualified trail-ride instructors.

  • A variety of different tracks to explore

  • Extensive demonstration and hands-on experience of adventure riding

  • Fuel

  • Protective gears

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