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We are the ultimate beach and wheels lifestyle provider where from a dirt bike rides, free dive sessions, motocross training to teaching you a life-important skill, like making your OWN elite espresso, we are a complete package to add that missing spark to explore and enjoy living the red sea lifestyle in Jeddah city.

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At BahroKafar we bring you fun, hands-on training courses for your favorite off-road & Sea sports.


Dirt bikes with their raw earthy thrill, trail rides with the smell of the wilderness to motocross with their famous off-road competitions, you are in for a treat with a dominating grin factor involved with off-road motorcycling.

The same thrill comes from splashing against the waves while diving into the blue. Diving and exploring the underwater world is a great way to connect with nature and is not appreciated as much as it should be.

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Throughout our service of many years, we have catered to a wide variety of audiences. From people who join off-road biking for the temporary thrill to one-day ride and dive experience to professionals who have worked and trained with us, we are open to all clients and have never failed to satisfy them.

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There are several up-sides to our services and a few are mentioned below:


courses are a perfect fusion of safety and thrill. We do not compromise on the protection of our clients and make sure that this safety doesn’t dampen the electrifying experience for them.


is highly experienced and well trained. Many of them are local champions and professionals who know the off-road and beach sports inside out. We also have expert baristas who are coffee connoisseurs.


are flexible with multiple types of packages that are accustomed to the general client needs. We provide training at several levels depending on your prior experience with the sport. And this offer is available for all the beach and wheel activities.

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