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Bahr Kafar is a beach and wheels service provider who has been offering off-road training and scuba-diving courses, and competitions. We have successfully incorporated an off-road trend and brought the waves closer than ever to many people in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We are proud to mention that we have participated and competed in more than 60 local, regional and international championships altogether, in different sports, and bought a home several silver and gold medals. This is all thanks to our dedicated team and our clients who have complete trust in us.

Other than this, we are also coffee enthusiasts and share our enthusiasm with our clients with our espresso-making classes. There is nothing better than a strong shot of espresso to keep your blood pumping before or after a ride in the desert.


We serve the culture of off-road and deep-sea sports with a passion for practicing and promoting an active, thrilling, and healthy lifestyle. We believe in paying tribute to the spirit of the desert and the sea by instilling a passion for wheels and beach-related sports.



We host a strong and unbeatable team of champions and professionals with several years of experience in the field of off-road biking, deep-sea diving, and top-notch coffee making. They are not just good with bikes but are also amazing coaches who have trained several people who have gone forward to win championships of their own. This family of ours is what makes us stand out in the crowd.


Owing to the restrictions posed during COVID-19, we have taken all measures necessary to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. As responsible citizens, we have prevented mass gatherings and created a Bahr Kafar lifestyle platform that allows us to share our activities in private one-on-one sessions. This is to ensure that you can respond to COVID responsibly and maintain your lifestyle as well.

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